Tub resurfacing is a process that homeowners use in lieu of a tub replacement. They choose to resurface when they want to improve a stained, dingy bathtub, to remove rust, and to otherwise redo the surface so that it looks new again. If you want to know more about tub resurfacing, keep the tips below in mind.

How Much Does Tub Resurfacing Cost?

Tub resurfacing costs vary from one job to the next. Factors that impact costs of the job include the size of the type, glazing style chosen, company chosen for resurfacing, and others. On average, homeowners spend $200 – $1000 to resurface their bathtub.

How Long Will a Resurfaced Bathtub Last?

Once the bathtub has been professional resurfaced, it should provide many years of lasting use. However, the time frame varies according to the material and other factors. Expect 10 years or more with the resurfaced bathtub.

How Long Do I Wait to Use My Tub After its Been Resurfaced?

A resurfaced bathtub is ready to use 24-hours after the resurfacing takes place. Make sure the tub doesn’t get wet before this amount of time has elapsed since it may remove the special coating.

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How Do I Take Care of a Resurfaced Bathtub?

To care for your resurfaced bathtub, make sure you use non-abrasive cleaning sponges cleaning products. These items are found with other household cleaners and supplies and ensure the surface of the tub isn’t scratched or otherwise damaged.

Final Thoughts

For many homeowners, tub resurfacing orlando fl is a beneficial service that keeps their bathroom looking great. Could it provide the same results for you? Call a professional to learn more about tub resurfacing and it’s easy to find out. The odds are in your favor, so why miss the perks any longer?

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